How to Choose the Best Sidings

The exterior of your house has a significant role to play. It’s not only protecting you from extreme weather conditions or intruders, but the curb appeal allows you to fetch the right price for your home. How about investing in house siding?

But there’s a dilemma in your head! You’re wondering which type of siding you should choose.

The right siding can help boost the appearance of your home’s exterior. While you’re here, allow us to share the house siding options that you can consider.

Let’s dive right into the article!

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What's siding, anyway?

Siding is the material that is installed on the exterior walls of a house or any residential-style structure. It helps in protecting the home and keeps all the elements out.

Siding shoulders the burden of creating a watertight barrier on the exterior walls around the house to prevent snow, rainwater, and strong winds from creeping into your space.

Siding has other vital roles, like keeping out moisture, insects, and dirt. When water seeps into a home, it causes significant damage. Everyone’s aware that siding is essential to the overall health of a house. It’s also crucial that you choose the best type of siding. Moreover, proper installation is required to avoid mould, rot, and other contaminants. The best siding contractors near Brewer, ME, can help you with the installation. And just in case you cannot make up your mind, the siding contractors will be happy to share their expert views.

Now that you understand the purpose of a siding, dive deep into the article as we share the best types of sidings and the colors you can choose.

What is the best type of siding to put on a house?

 Choosing the best kind of siding to install on the home is a significant decision, and perhaps you are getting overwhelmed already.

Let’s talk about house siding colors, shall we?

You have all kinds of options to choose from. But here’s what you should look for in a house siding: aesthetic value, overall cost, maintenance, and durability. You must be aware that each type of siding has its pros and cons.

It will be easier to choose when you’ve got a good idea about the types of sidings for a house. But please ensure you are selecting the best siding contractors near Holden, ME.

Vinyl Siding Is Budget-Friendly and Durable

Vinyl sidings are pretty popular in the United States. This one’s a type of plastic siding that can be seen in apartments and small houses. The purpose is to offer weatherproof protection, especially in areas with too many storms and precipitation. Vinyl siding comes in different colors, and it’s an excellent choice for those who want to enhance the look of their house.

But that’s not all! Vinyl is made from PVC or polyvinyl chloride, so it’s fire-resistant. This material doesn’t ignite unless there is a very high temperature. So, if durability and aesthetics are on your mind, vinyl is a good option.

Wood Siding for a Classic and Appealing Look

Some homeowners want a classic look, so they choose wood siding. It’s perhaps the oldest option, but a trendy one indeed.

Wood siding is versatile, and it can be painted the way you like. You can get wood sidings in different arrangements, too, such as vertical boards and shingles.

Let’s face it: wood DOES give a classy feel. It’s impressive, but it is combustible too. It would require a fair bit of maintenance. But if you have got the right siding repair company by your side, it will be a breezy affair to maintain these.

A fresh coat of paint would be needed every four years. If you take good care of the siding, it will last for 20 to 40 years. Ask the company to add a particular flame retardant chemical to avoid sudden accidents.

Wood sidings are a green option because the manufacturing process is non-toxic. And it can be customized the way you like!

Metal Siding Is Super Strong!

Most homeowners believe that metal is only used as a roofing material, but many people choose metal sidings in the United States. It’s a durable and robust material and is relatively easy to install. You could choose from steel and aluminum siding.

The biggest perk of having metal Siding is that you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance.

Homeowners planning to sell the property at some point look for a siding that lasts long, stays strong and looks good.

While it may be tempting to get wood siding, metal offers better durability. Of course, there are a few downsides, too, such as lesser insulation, but metal sidings tend to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

So, if you live in one of those areas that witnessed heavy snowfall, metal siding is the best bet.

Fiber Cement Siding Is a Solid Choice

If you don’t plan to change the siding for the next 40-50 years, choose fiber cement siding. It saves you from the headache of changing or repairing the siding.

Fiber cement siding is strong, solid, and highly durable. It is the perfect choice for someone who lives in an area with an intense climate. This material can withstand strong winds and hailstorms.

You may want to know what it’s made of! Well, fiber cement siding is a combination of cement and wood pulp. There is durability, but you also get the aesthetic appeal.

The installation may be a bit expensive, but you are getting saved from repairs and changes for decades. Don’t worry about the initial costs – it will be worth it.

Brick Siding for a Timeless Exterior

Brick Siding doesn’t need paint like vinyl, wood, or other kinds of siding. It creates a timeless appeal that homeowners would adore.

But brick is an expensive option, so make sure you have the budget to install this. The most significant advantage you reap from this material is that it’s an eco-friendly option. And we also love the aesthetic appeal of brick Siding. It takes you back in time!

What color siding is best?

You can refresh the home exterior and boost the curb appeal by choosing the best siding colors.

The best house siding colors depend on the combination of colors and hues in your front door, trim, and roof. You should also keep in mind the style and color of other homes in your neighborhood.

Still not sure what color would go? Allow us to share the factors to consider while choosing the siding color.

  • Observe your neighborhood

Take a quick drive around your neighborhood or soak in the view during your morning walk. It’s good to observe what others have chosen as their siding color. If you find a house similar to yours, observe it. Of course, you would want to set the trend and choose a siding color different from others, but sometimes it’s good to be in sync.

Let’s say your neighborhood home has chosen some quirky and eclectic colors; feel free to choose a brighter and more colorful option.

  • Remodeling Vs. Building a New Home

If the idea is to replace the house’s existing siding, you can choose an all-new siding profile that matches the existing features. But if the house is in the building stage, you can mix and match the siding profiles and a color scheme that enhances your curb appeal.

Here are some choices: shingle and beaded lap siding are ideal for someone who needs a coastal or cottage-style house. Vertical siding is best for a farmhouse appeal. You may go for colors such as soft beige or creamy white to give a farmhouse appeal.

  • The Architecture of Your House Matters a Lot Here

What architectural style does your house have? Let’s take the example of old-school colonial houses. They are usually painted in a classic color like white. If it’s a country home or a cottage, you have much more freedom to choose different siding colors.

  • It’s All About Creating a Mood

When choosing a color for your siding, you must keep in mind the mood you wish to create.

If you wish to give a bold look to your house, consider going for blue siding. It not only gives a bold look but also reflects the kind of person you are. You don’t want to do the same things others are doing!

In case you’re not looking to give a bold and loud look to your house, opt for softer neutrals that create a lush look. Soft neutral sidings add a bit of richness to your home’s exterior.

If you want to take inspiration from Mother Nature, choose earthy tones that make your house look charming.

In a nutshell, there are plenty of house siding colors to choose from. It’s up to you what vibe you wish to create. If you want to keep the neighborhood in mind, take a stroll and observe what others have chosen.

What is the longest-lasting house siding?

 Since house siding is an investment, you need to consider the durability feature. Don’t just look for a siding that looks good from the outside. As a homeowner, you want the siding to last as many years.

When it comes to choosing the longest lasting house siding, there are a few contenders.

Although we have mentioned the best types of house siding, let’s unravel the ones that rank the highest in terms of durability.

  • Aluminum: The metal is durable and inexpensive. You can expect it to last up to 40 years.
  • Wood: If you take good care of the siding and get a wood siding repair company onboard, there is a high chance this would last between 20 to 40 years.
  • Fiber cement: This material is one of the strongest when it comes to house sidings. If you want to save yourself from the headache of changing the siding for decades, consider fiber cement as the top choice.
  • Vinyl: This material siding also lasts for decades. Moreover, the maintenance of vinyl siding is not as demanding as wooden siding. You can expect it to last for a good 50-60 years.

Overall, vinyl, fiber cement, and metal are the top contenders. Although we have mentioned wood as a contender, you must maintain it properly to ensure it lasts for 20 to 40 years.

When you choose the best siding contractors near Bangor, ME, they would suggest the longest-lasting and most aesthetic material.

Since we are talking about long-lasting siding materials, let’s focus on the lowest maintenance siding.

What is the lowest maintenance siding?

 The lowest maintaining siding would be metal. As we mentioned before, wood sidings demand.

Metal sidings can withstand harsh weather conditions such as extreme snowfall. If the aesthetic appeal of metal doesn’t impress you, vinyl or fiber cement is the best when it comes to low-maintenance house siding options. Vinyl is fire-resistant, and fiber cement withstands extreme climates.

It all boils down to the area where you are living. If the region experiences heavy snow, homeowners should choose metal. If the area experiences strong winds, fiber cement is a good option.

All these materials demand low-maintenance, but metal tops the list.

Now that you know about the best house siding options, it’s time to make a decision.

You’ve got enough choices, but it all boils down to choosing the best siding contractor in your area.

The good news is that Spring Wood Builders LLC offers siding installation and repair services around Bangor, Maine.

The experts can offer house installation services that include top siding materials such as metal, vinyl, wood, and more.

You already know about the options. Choosing a color is strictly your personal preference.

Connect with Spring Wood Builders LLC today if you want long-lasting house siding that offers durability and looks visually appealing. No matter what house siding you need and the color you have been wanting, we will make it happen.

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