How to plan and build a deck

Building a deck in your home is one of the top ways to remodel your home. It is also one of the best ways in which you can give new life to your home, while also adding a spectacular feature to host parties. Adding a deck can also pay back in the long run by increasing the value of your home.

However, as exciting and rewarding as this experience and undertaking is, it can be equally challenging, if you do not have the right help. Finding a deck builder near Holden, ME is vital when planning to build a deck. But where and when can you start? Let’s find out!

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Where do I start when building a deck?

Building a deck is a simple home remodeling project that can significantly impact the overall look of the house. Since it is such an important task, it requires careful planning as well. Some of the preliminary steps to start building a deck include the following:

  • What is the purpose of the deck: The first and foremost thing you must assess is why you are building a deck. This will also allow you to determine where you will build the deck. When pondering this conundrum, you must take into account some factors like view, exposure, and privacy. When deciding on the exact location, you must also look into the dimensions of the deck that you require and the shape of the deck.
  • Research Zoning Laws: Before you can proceed with your deck research and building, you need to check all zoning regulations. This is essential for ensuring your deck will not violate any laws. You can also ask a deck builder near Brewer, ME for help.
  • Designing: The next step is to come up with the deck’s design. You can consult an architect for this. You can also look up online for some inspiration, and design special features by yourself. Before finalizing any design, consider the dimensions of the buildable area, and ensure that your chosen design will look well built in those dimensions.
  • Hiring Professionals: If you choose to hire professional contractors or builders to construct the deck, the next step will be to find the most suitable one. Consult a few with good reviews, ask for references from friends and family, and choose wisely.
  • Material Selection: The next step is to choose the right materials for building the deck. Learn about deck-building materials like PVC, various kinds of wood, etc. Choose the one that meets your aesthetic as well as financial interests. Additionally, it is important to consider the maintenance requirements of the materials.
  • Site Preparation: Before the actual construction of the deck, it is vital to prepare the site. Clearing out any obstacles is the first step here. Ensure that the ground is level and there is proper drainage. If you hire a professional, they can take care of this step for you.
  • Laying the Foundation: Now, to start the construction process, you must first lay the foundation of the deck. A strong foundation will ensure a sturdy deck. Use materials like concrete to solidify the foundation. At the same time, it is important to ensure the foundation is also level.
  • Construction: The construction process of the deck is the next step. This process starts with building a frame of the deck. Once the frame is built, ensure it is sturdy and as per your desires before moving on to complete the installation of the deck. Coming to the installation phase, you will need to install the deck boards as per your needs. If there is a specific pattern you are choosing, lay the boards in that shape carefully. You may also need to leave some gaps to allow room for expansion of the boards.
  • Finishing Touches: During the construction phase, ensure that you place the screws and nails carefully. This will allow a neat appearance. Add in the finishing touches like installing railings for safety, stairs, or other accessories. Once everything is in place, add a protective layer to finish the deck which will also improve the sturdiness of the deck.

Is it cheaper to build my own deck?

When it comes to finding the most cost-effective solution for building a deck, taking the DIY approach may be helpful. It is a cheaper method on the face of it since you do not need to pay labor charges and have more leeway into deciding which materials to use without getting swayed.

On the other hand, it is important to note that given the nature of the project, safety is one of the top priorities. As such, anyone who does not have ample experience in building such projects will benefit from hiring professionals.

Some of the features which can help you determine the best option for you include the following:

  • Safety: Novice builders can attempt to build a deck, but the safety of the outcome may not be as necessary. To ensure that the deck is completely safe, it is advantageous for anyone with less experience or no experience to hire a deck builder near Carmel, ME. Not only is the safety of the final construction at risk but also the construction process can be dangerous. For instance, if you build a deck at a height, you will need to ensure it is safe to work. Additionally, deck building employs the use of heavy machinery, and you must have the skills to use them without getting hurt.
  • Labor Charges: It is clear by now that deck building is a rather complex and somewhat dangerous job. If you hire a professional, you will have to pay labor charges, which can be relatively high. However, it is important to remember that a professional will offer a lot of benefits, offer a durable outcome, and have more skill for incorporating intricate design features.
  • Time conservation: By assigning the task to a professional contractor, you save a lot of your time. For those that lead busy lives, hiring a professional may prove to be the best choice in this regard. The time you save here can be useful for other aspects of your life. You can enjoy a fun time with close ones, pursue a hobby, or simply rest. However, if you can take the time to build it slowly on your own, then you can surely build the deck on your own.
  • Skills for using tools: The building of a deck requires using an array of power tools, heavy machines, and complex equipment which requires skill. In addition to this, you will also need to either buy or rent some or all of the equipment which will bring another expense. If you hire a professional, you do not need skills to use tools or to buy or rent them as they will bring them along.
  • Acquiring Permits: Whether you hire a professional or not, you will need to pay fees and charges for permits from municipal authorities. Basic permits for building the deck are an unavoidable expense. However, on the basis of where you are residing, you may need to hire a professional as per the local laws or need to offer certifications or other documents to get permission to construct it yourself. Additionally, if you choose to build yourself and your final product is lacking in some crucial ways, you may also end up paying penalties.
  • Avoiding Mistakes: Unless you have prior experience in the construction of such projects, the chances of you incurring a mistake are quite high. While some minor faults are normal, if you end up making a major mistake, you may end up spending more than you will if you hire professionals in the first place. In case you cause a big mistake, you will have to rip the entire thing down, and redo it, or hire a professional to ensure the mistake does not repeat. In such a case, not only will you lose time and effort, but also incur financial losses in the form of spoiled materials, buying new materials, and hiring a deck builder near Holden, ME.

Upon considering these factors, it will become clear to you, on the basis of your personal skills, experience, and knowledge if you will benefit from hiring a professional or building the deck yourself. While the DIY approach does have some risks, if you possess the right skills and know what you are doing, you will end up saving a lot of money. In addition, you will also get a sense of achievement.

What time of year is best to build a deck?

Weather plays a vital role in deciding when you can start building the deck in your home. During the construction process, the deck needs to get ample opportunity to dry and solidify properly which makes the season of building a significant aspect. Wondering when is the best time of the year to start this project? Here is what you need to consider:

  • Climatic Conditions: The best time to build a deck is during a season when the climate is dry. Moist air will not allow enough opportunity for the deck to fully dry. The warm and dry weather needs to be stable for a few days in your region in order for the deck to be built in a sturdy fashion. Summer months or Spring months are thus ideal. Try to ensure that there is no rainfall during this time, or very little.

The humidity in your region must be low, while the temperature must be moderate. Very hot temperatures can cause the wood to expand while building the deck. This can cause a problem as when the colder temperature arrives and the wood contracts, the gaps may be bigger than they ought to be. Similarly, excessive moisture can easily cause the wood to rot during the building phase when it is not cured.

  • Higher Demand: Some seasons like summer and spring are when the majority of people take up remodeling and construction projects of various kinds. During this time, there is a higher demand for materials and contractors. In addition, there is more traffic at municipal offices to acquire business during this time. When deciding the ideal time to build the deck, you need to assess when the demand will not be super high for various reasons:
  • Higher demand will lead contractors and professionals to charge more than usual. Furthermore, they will also be less available which makes it essential to consult and book them in advance to ensure your work is done at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Not only will the contractors charge higher fees, but even the materials vital for the construction can also become pricier during this time or they may run out quickly. It may be smarter to buy them a little bit in advance given the weather conditions are suitable.
  • Acquiring Permits: When planning the ideal time to build the deck, make sure you plan in advance and acquire essential permits and licenses accordingly. If you choose to do all this during the main season, you may have to invest more time into getting the zoning permits. This is because more people will also be in line to get their permits. The higher the number of applications that the municipal bodies get, the more time it will take to get your approval.
  • Convenience: Another one of the most crucial factors to consider is personal convenience. Even if you hire a deck builder near Brewer, ME, you will have to spend some time to ensure all is going as per your plan. For this, you need to check your own schedules and find a time that is convenient to begin the project. Keep in mind that there can be delays so having a buffer in mind will be helpful.

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