Get a Smooth, Even Driveway

We provide driveway grading services for clients in the Winterport & Bangor, ME areas

Driveway grading is the key to getting a driveway that's free of potholes, ruts or bumps. Homeowners in Winterport, ME and greater Bangor, ME area turn to Springwood Builders LLC for driveway grading services. We'll use professional equipment to break up dirt clumps and achieve a level landscape.

Make an appointment with a general contractor today by calling (207) 299-4032.

Is your home built on a slope?

Is your home built on a slope?

If so, you may be facing erosion or drainage issues. Sloped land can make it difficult to build decks, sheds or home additions. Springwood Builders offers land grading and drainage services for clients in Winterport & Bangor, ME and surrounding areas.

We can solve your erosion and drainage problems by...

  • Installing retaining walls
  • Grading your land
  • Installing French drains

We'll grade the land away from your home's foundation to prevent flooding. Contact us today at (207) 299-4032 to schedule land grading or drainage services.