Blue Home New Build In Newburgh, Maine

Transforming Homeowners' Visions Into Reality

A Brief Overview

Springwood Builders embarked on a 6-month journey to create a retirement haven for Tammy and Gerald in the heart of Newburgh, Maine. This project showcases our dedication to client satisfaction, meticulous attention to detail, and the ability to overcome budgetary constraints to deliver a dream home to retire in.

Project Key Features




The Homeowners

Meet Tammy & Gerald

Tammy and Gerald’s journey to their dream retirement home began on an unconventional note. The land they owned was burdened with a structure beyond saving, a house that had never been their home. Recognizing its hazard, the fire department conducted a controlled burn to clear the site. 

This dramatic beginning cleared the way for something new—a chance to build from scratch, to create a space where modern accessibility meets the warmth of timeless design. Their vision was clear: a home that is a testament to their life’s work and welcomes the future with open, beautifully designed spaces.

Small Blue New Home Build Complete Exterior

The Challenge

With a clear vision but a tight budget, the challenge was to deliver all the desired features without compromise. Every detail, from the custom cabinetry to the spacious kitchen, required careful planning and execution within budget constraints.

The 3-Phase Process

Tammy & Gerald's New Home Build Journey



The design phase was marked by extensive collaboration and multiple redesigns, ensuring every detail of Tammy and Gerald’s vision was meticulously crafted. The dedication to marrying functionality with aesthetic appeal was paramount, focusing on selecting materials that would bring warmth, elegance, and durability to their forever home. Working closely with Phil at Viking Lumber, Tammy and Gerald made thoughtful selections that met their budget and elevated the design to match their dream home’s vision.

Kitchen Materials:

  • Quartz countertops for their beauty and resilience
  • Nickel tile backsplash, adding a touch of sophistication
  • A farmhouse sink selected for its classic appeal and practicality

Bathroom Materials:

  • Nickel tile on the shower floor to provide a sleek, cohesive look 
  • 12 x 24 shower wall tiles and matching main floor tiles, chosen for their modern aesthetic and ease of cleaning
  • A frameless glass shower and half-wall eliminate the need for a shower door
Small Blue New Home Build Project Plans
Interior Tile Design


An unwavering commitment to transparency, client involvement, and meticulous attention to detail characterized the construction phase of the Blue Home. From the outset, we established open communication with Tammy and Gerald, ensuring they were active participants in creating their dream home. Our team was always available, ready to answer questions, address concerns, and provide updates.

Leveraging the original footprint of the previous structure, we aimed to honor the history of the land while infusing it with new life. The use of field stones for retaining walls enhanced the property’s aesthetic appeal. It adds a unique, personal touch that connects the home to its surroundings.

Small Blue New Home Build Project Foundation
Small Blue New Home Build Project Frame


The final phase saw the realization of a beautifully crafted home tailored to the client’s lifestyle and preferences, ready for them to enjoy for years to come.

Small Blue New Home Build Complete Kitchen
Small Blue New Home Build Complete Porch

The Solution

Small Blue New Home Build Complete Exterior

Through innovative design and strategic use of materials, we overcame the budget challenge to create a space that maintained quality and aesthetics. Using quartz countertops, nickel tiles, and custom cabinetry elevated the home’s design, proving that budget constraints can lead to creative solutions.

The Blue House Portfolio

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What The Client Had To Say

“Peter and his crew are wonderful… Very easy to deal with. Very responsive to communications…very knowledgeable in their field of expertise.”

— Tammy Nadeau

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