Exterior Remodel: Ranch Facelift In Hermon, Maine

A Brief Overview

In Hermon, Maine, Springwood Builders masterfully executed an exterior remodel that reimagined Jim and Kristine’s ranch-style abode into a modern rustic retreat. Despite winter’s challenges, the six-month project infused new life into the home with a blend of natural stone, vibrant roofing, and expanded, functional spaces that enhance indoor-outdoor living.

Project Key Features




The Homeowners

Meet Jim & Kristine

Jim and Kristine desired to give their trusty, outdated ranch home a well-deserved facelift. They sought to capture the rustic charm and fresh aesthetics reflecting their style and enhancing the connection between their indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Kirkbride Exterior Remodel Project

The Challenge

The primary obstacle in this venture was the harsh Maine winter, which presented difficulties with vinyl siding installation and steel roofing in cold temperatures, compounded by heavy snowfall that delayed the roofing process.

The 3-Phase Process

Jim & Kristine's Project Journey



The design process was an intimate collaboration that transformed Jim and Kristine’s ideas into a detailed blueprint for their renewed home. Here’s how each material choice contributed to the project’s success:

  • Green Metal Roof: Selected for its rich hue, mirroring the verdant Maine landscape, this durable roofing brings a pop of color and a protective finish that’s both functional and stylish.
  • Stacked Stone In Sedona Bluff: Chosen for its warm, earth-toned aesthetics, this stacked stone adds a textured, dimensional look, offering a natural touch that anchors the home’s presence.
  • Steel-Stamped Insulated Garage Doors: These doors mimic a luxurious wood finish, providing the elegance of a classic wooden design with the durability and insulation of modern materials.
  • Black Carriage Hardware: The hardware adds a striking contrast and a hint of traditional charm, enhancing the garage doors’ visual appeal and the home’s overall curb appeal.
Screened in Back Deck with Storm Door
3-Car Garage Build As Part Of The Exterior Renovation


The layout was meticulously marked with spray-painted lines and stakes, ensuring precision from the ground up. Springwood Builders demonstrated adaptability and commitment despite the winter setbacks. The expert team maneuvered around the cold, ensuring that the vinyl siding and steel roofing installation was done effectively once weather conditions permitted.

Kirkbride Exterior Remodel Project During Construction
Kirkbride Exterior Remodel Project During Construction


Jim and Kristine now have a welcoming home that’s rejuvenated with character. The new facade, bespoke front porch, and screened-in back porch add character and create a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living, perfect for the picturesque Hermon setting. 

The thoughtful touches and additions are now a backdrop for a renewed lifestyle, ready for enjoyment for years to come. The kind thank you card from the clients was a touching testament to the project’s success and the meaningful relationship built throughout the process.

Kirkbride Exterior Remodel Project
Kirkbride Exterior Remodel Project

The Solution

Kirkbride Exterior Remodel Project

Springwood Builders’ inventive approach and careful timing allowed for the installation of unique materials like a stacked stone facade and a vibrant green metal roof, even in winter’s challenges. The result is a testament to the team’s ability to deliver outstanding outcomes regardless of the season.

Ranch Exterior Remodel Portfolio

View The Stunning Transformation Of The Hermon Ranch

What The Client Had To Say

“The level of involvement and dedication Peter and his crew showed was remarkable. Every step of the way, they ensured our home became the sanctuary we dreamed of. We’re deeply appreciative.”

— Jim and Kristine

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