Is it worth it to put an addition on the house?

What happens when extra guests arrive at your home? You may need additional rooms! Making your guests sleep in the living room can be embarrassing unless you share a deep bond with them.

Besides having extra guests, your children may need separate rooms when they grow up. The additional space can be your work-from-home office. An extra room adds value and convenience.

But don’t be in a hurry to start the remodeling project. An impulsive decision could cause significant monetary losses.

A house addition is an expensive remodeling project. If extra rooms are added, the total home addition cost will increase. It’s not just a painting job or simple landscaping. But having an addition can be beneficial for the whole family. Let’s not forget that this addition could fetch you a better price when you plan to sell it.

The question is – Is it worth it to put an addition to the house? In this article, we will share why home additions are great and whether they work for you.

Let’s dive right into the article and find out!

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Figure Out Why You Are Building the Addition

Before knowing the worth, it’s essential to understand why YOU want to build an addition. Some homeowners may not consider it, so you need to ask yourself why you’re getting it done.

Try and answer these:

  • Do you want to add a luxurious space?
  • Do you need an additional room for guests and your children?
  • Would you be using this space as an office?
  • Do you want it for convenience?
  • Do you want to add value?

If none of these ticks the boxes, then you might want to reconsider. Don’t get it done if you have extra money. Additions only make sense when you need them or wish to beautify your property.

Home additions can be great for those who have a larger family or want to create extra space for convenience. If selling is on your mind, the addition may help you fetch a better price. So, think about it, and then make a move.

Who Should You Hire for a home addition?

If you have decided to move forward with the home addition, the next step is to choose the contractor. There are home addition contractors near Bangor, ME, who can offer their expert services.

The only overwhelming situation is finding a legit contractor for the job. Here are some steps to be kept in mind when hiring a contractor.

  • Check the reviews. You can find these reviews online. Most customers leave a review on Google and other platforms. They share their first-hand experience, so this will be beneficial for you.
  • Next, you must meet with the company. You must check if they are insured and licensed. Just in case of any accidents during the work phase, they will be covered.
  • Check if the company has done similar projects before.
  • Check the portfolio and see if it matches your vision. You don’t want to choose a contractor who can’t do the work. The worst thing that could happen is choosing an amateur who hasn’t worked on anything other than a backyard.
  • You must check what all services the contractor offers. It’s best to have someone with a one-stop solution.
  • Ask for referrals because you want to know what you are getting into. A professional contractor will be happy to share their clientele contact list.
  • Ask questions to the contractor before hiring them. You can prepare a list of questions to help determine what the company can offer and whether they can deliver the project promptly.

So, hiring home addition contractors isn’t an easy process. You have to be watchful of what you are getting into.

The Perks of Getting a Home Addition

We can think of multiple advantages of getting home additions.

As a homeowner, it is probably the best investment you could make. A new extension or home addition allows you to create more space. It can boost the property value if a sale is on your mind. Let’s face it: an addition is an upgrade.

Moreover, home additions can bring in more natural light to the space and help you generate a secondary income in case you decide to keep a tenant.

If remodeling has been on your mind for a long time, you can take the plunge and get an addition. Still not sure? Let us highlight the perks of getting a home addition.

  • You Get Extra Living Space

The most popular reason is you get an extra living space! You may want it for yoga sessions or just work-from-home. A few feet of additional space in a room can make a difference. It’s your choice whether you wish to extend the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. The choice will always be yours.

  • New Rooms = New Members

There will always be a time when your goals and plans may change. For example, you may decide to have more children. When they are little, they can sleep in the room, but teenage kids or even senior citizens need their own space. Your lifestyle may change, or your parents might decide to live with you. Home additions can be great because they can help you invite those changes with open arms.

  • Let’s Boost the Property Value

Let’s say you purchased the property to sell it someday. If that time is near, you need to consider home additions and other improvements. Home addition cost would be suitable primarily because you can have some extra space without burning a hole in your pocket.

Once you have extra square feet in the house, the property value will also increase. You will get better bucks when the time is right to sell the property. A home addition can also invite more tenants, which translates to more rental income.

  • Personalization is the Key

Remodeling allows you to personalize the space as per your wishes. You can invest in home additions and create the space you desire. Here’s a chance to upgrade the windows and doors and get a fresh coat of paint.

The contractors near Bangor, ME, will help you throughout the personalization process. You need not worry about how it will work. The contractors may also help you understand what will be a good choice for your house.

So, home additions are most certainly an advantage. You may also ask the contractor how certain home additions can help with energy efficiency. They will be happy to share their insights with you after carefully inspecting the property.

If you want home additions, you should connect with a contractor and get a quote. You can also compare costs with a few home addition contractor companies.

But here’s a valid question – would it be cheaper to add on or build up? Let’s find that out in the next section.

Is it cheaper to add on or build up?

 Whether you are building out or up, thinking about value is essential. Cost and value don’t have to be the same all the time. If you plan to build a custom home, you should adore it! More importantly, it should be valuable.

You must build the smallest house, but make sure it is functional for you and the whole family. As for the time it takes to build up, there is not much difference. If the project is complicated, it will take more time.

Since you want a clear-cut answer here – let’s make it less complicated. When you remodel a house, you might be wondering if a one-story addition is good or adding another story. The cost difference will be significant here.

When you build a new construction, building up a two-story house is cheaper. If it’s a remodeling project, a one-story addition would be more affordable than adding an extra second story to the existing home.

When it’s about remodeling out vs remodeling up, you have to know that remodeling, in any case, is cheaper than new construction. Adding a new story would require you to work on a structural engineering and architectural plan. These engineering and architectural services are expensive. If you are building up, you must remove the roof and then rebuild it. The first floor would also need some extra support. The foundation would require footing to carry the second-story weight. Moreover, the whole family must move out when this project is carried forward.

Remodeling does not disrupt your family life; there will be a few adjustments, but not as many. If you are choosing to build up, you would need to make repairs to the walls and add some finishing to the first floor too.

Additions may also require a fair adjustment, but it’s cheaper and better than building up. Please speak to the home addition contractors near Brewer, ME they can give the best advice regarding this subject.

The contractor may have to visit your house and see what would be a better option for you. But, ideally, if you want it to be cheap and least disruptive, opt for home additions. In a nutshell, home addition cost is more affordable than building up. 

 What is the cheapest way to add square footage to a house?

 Let’s talk about alternatives, shall we? Before you add any new space to the house, such as an addition or a second story, you can look at other options too.

First, you could convert an attic. Most attic spaces have a ceiling height that allows you to add a bathroom or bedroom. If your home has stairs, this can be a good option.

Second, the basement can also be converted into an additional room. Most ignore the basement thinking it’s creepy and unwanted. You can remodel it and turn it into a bedroom, a movie theatre, or a space where you keep your guests. Work on the insulation bit so that the basement stays cozy.

Third, there is the option of bump-outs. These are small extensions to the house, usually hanging from the existing dwelling. You may call it a shelf on the bracket. These can add a few sq. ft, so if you need a walk-in closet or a powder room, this can be it.

Fourth, the garage space can be a good room. If you are not exactly using it for your car, you may convert it into an additional room. Remove the garage door, and add a sliding glass door instead. You may create a warm and inviting atmosphere within this garage space. This garage can be converted into a guest room, a play area for kids, or even a home theatre. What would you like? You can use your imagination and take the help of home addition contractors near Carmel, ME.

Fifth, some sunrooms can be great living rooms. You can use this space to soak up the sun, watch Netflix all day, or spend time with kids and pets. Well, these activities can happen only during the summer. It’s seasonal because the space is unheated. Place some plush sofas, and design them the way you like.

What do you think? Aren’t these some brilliant ideas to make some extra room for you, your kids, guests, and the pets in the house?

All these ideas can help you add square footage to a house the cheapest way possible. You will be surprised how much money you can save by just getting a home addition or turning a basement or a garage into a living room or a bedroom. You should be open to new ideas!

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