How to plan a remodel

A home remodel project may appear to be a behemoth of a task on the face of it. However, through a little planning and targeted organization, you can save a lot of hassle. Hiring a renovation company near Newburgh, ME can make the task even simpler.

If you are wondering how you can plan a remodel, the exact planning and organization will depend on the kind and extent of remodeling you are undertaking. Whether you are remodeling a part of your home or all of it can significantly impact how you plan the remodel. In this article, we will cover a general way of planning a home remodel project.

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In what order should you renovate a house?

If you are looking to remodel your entire home or a major chunk of it, you need to carefully plan the renovation procedure. The question of which room or section must be renovated first comes up very often. While the order may vary based on your specific needs, below is the order which is most commonly chosen by professionals:

  • Reinforcing Framework: If your remodeling project is to include rechecking and reinforcing the home’s structure, that is the first thing you will want to tackle. Fixing any damage to the structural integrity is the priority. This includes fixing roofs, foundations, pillars, walls, floors, etc. A renovation company near Carmel, ME is the best option for this job.
  • Plumbing, Wiring, HVAC: The next in order will be any plumbing upgrades, wiring and electrical systems upgrades or installations, and HVAC renovation. Since these run behind walls, it is vital to deal with them before proceeding ahead. Installation of new wires, pipes, and ducts, cleaning of any parts, insulation, or other tasks are done in this phase.
  • Basic Internal Structure: The next step is to build the basic internal structure which includes walls, flooring, and ceilings. Replace and fix as per your needs. Using a fresh coat of paint or changing wallpapers can liven up the place quickly. Similarly, redoing the finish of the flooring can be a quick way to freshen up your home.
  • Wardrobes and Cabinets: The next phase for remodeling would be targeting specific rooms like the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Repair or replace wardrobes and cabinets, install new sinks, basins, or tubs, and fresh fixtures like handles, taps, and hoses also need to be done at this stage. Pay close attention to your functionality requirements and make selections for replacements wisely.
  • Exterior remodels: Once the internal work is done, you can move on to fixing any flaws in the home’s exterior. You can also install new features like a deck and pay attention to redoing the landscaping of the home.

How do I make a renovation checklist?

A renovation checklist can be incredibly handy when trying to plan and organize a remodel project. It can keep you on track and ensure no task is left out. After you clear your renovation goals, making a checklist is vital. Here is how you create one:

  • Pre-creation: Before you start putting things on a checklist, examine the condition of your house and see what you have to remodel. This can include anything from minor aesthetic changes to complete ripping and building. Note down all the tasks that need attention. Along with this, also go over your budget to ensure you do not go overboard, and consult a renovation company near Newburgh, ME if you need.
  • Order of urgency: Once you have all this information, you can start to create a checklist by sorting tasks from first to last based on priority. Repairs remodels, and fixes that are more fickle and need urgent intervention will go first.
  • Municipal Approvals: Before you start the remodeling project, it is vital to attain all permits from the local municipal office. These will depend on the kind of remodeling you need to do. Your contractor can help you assess which permits will be needed.
  • Create a timeline: When creating a checklist, it is also essential to create a timeline of project completion. Discuss with your contractor and create a realistic timeline, which will help both you and them to stay on track, know how much time you need to invest, and plan your schedule accordingly. While creating a timeline, it is better to account for unforeseen delays and take a buffer.
  • Checks and Inspections: In your remodel checklist, you must include checking and inspection procedures. You may call local authorities as well if you need, however, this happens at the end. During the project, keep checking the progress, making sure all safety and quality control measures are being followed.

How do I plan a remodel budget?

There is a lot more to planning a budget for a home remodeling project than simply coming to a number. Many factors need to be taken into consideration to ensure the budget is reasonable. Here is how you plan your remodeling budget:

  • Assessing the Remodel Requirements: The first thing you need to do is examine what kind of remodeling projects you need to undertake. Minor fixes will be cheaper whereas bigger remodeling projects will be more expensive. It can also help you divide funds fairly. During this phase, you can also assess your finances to know how much you can invest in the remodeling.
  • Research: Invest some time in researching the potential costs. When doing so, you need to understand what kind of remodel you want. For example, materials, designs, and fixtures can make a huge impact on expenses. The fancier you wish the outcome to be, the more expensive it will be. Discuss with multiple renovation companies near Holden, ME to get a more realistic cost idea and the best quote.
  • Prioritize: What is your priority in the remodel? If the total extent of renovations is going above your budget, you can choose to leave some out for a later time. Similarly, you can choose functionality over aesthetics and go for more affordable looks and materials.
  • DIY Renovations: If there are some renovations that you can do by yourself, do them personally instead of hiring a professional to save costs. This will allow room in your budget to upgrade the quality of materials or designs you utilize.
  • Keep some flexibility: When doing any big projects like remodeling a home, there is a big chance of some sort of unforeseen expenses occurring. As such, you need to keep room for such contingencies.

What time of year is best to renovate?

The best time to renovate your home is also a variable factor depending upon the kind and extent of renovations you need. Before you can determine the best time, you need to assess the condition of your home and check which kind of renovations are needed. Additionally, you may want to consider the possibility of getting different projects done at different times of the year. Here is how you determine the best time:

  • Season: The first and foremost consideration is the season in which the remodel needs to be done. Moist, cold, and rainy weather can adversely impact many types of renovations. Any exterior renovation ought to be done during the warm, and dry months. Tasks that do not suffer because of moist weather may be done during this time.
  • Accessibility to Contractors: Spring and summer seasons are usually the busiest times of the year for every renovation company near Bangor, ME. In this case, you will want to reserve them well in advance or consider getting the renovations during the off-season. During the busy season, they can also charge high labor costs and invest less time to accommodate multiple projects. Ensure you hire a professional that does not compromise on quality.
  • Cost Fluctuations: Just like the availability and fees of contractors, equipment, and materials for remodeling projects also fluctuate in their costs and availability. During the peak season, you need to acquire materials quickly so that stores do not run out of them. Buying materials and tools which do not suffer harmful impacts of weather during the off-season will be more cost-effective.
  • Time Investment: Even if you hire a professional, you will have to invest some of your own time. As such, it is essential to consider your schedule to find a time that is convenient for you. For this, you must also consider the extent of the project. The more elaborate your project, the more time it will take to complete. Factor this in to find the best time for you.

When it’s time to renovate what comes first?

Now that you have a plan for carrying out your renovation project, you can start working on it. Hire a professional for bigger tasks to ensure better quality and safety of the outcome. Once you have a list of all things you need to do, you must assess where you have to start the project from. Consider the following factors to understand what work you need to tackle first.

  • Preparing the site: Based on what work you wish to undertake first, you will have to prepare the site to accommodate the renovation. For example, if you choose to start with the kitchen cabinets, you need to clean them out, cover up the slabs, and floor, and prepare the kitchen to allow workers to do their job without any hassle. The preparation work may require professional intervention too depending on the particular undertaking and the kind of site preparation measures to execute. For instance, if there is any type of demolition needed, professionals will be able to do it better. As such, you may want to find a renovation company near Holden, ME.
  • Foundational Jobs: If you have any framework or structural work that needs to be done, it will take priority over other tasks. By getting rid of the foundational or structural work first, you eliminate any chances of it causing damage to previously renovated portions. Start from the bare structure, and work your way up to details.
  • Under wall tasks: After the structural work is done, you will have to prioritize tasks like plumbing, wiring, insulation, installation of HVAC systems, cleaning ducts, etc. Whether it requires repairs, upgrades, cleaning, or something else, it is vital to complete these tasks next. Once these tasks are done, you will want to install the drywall and finalize the walls. Post this, you can install the thermostat and move on to flooring and ceiling renovations. During this process, you can also complete the painting process or put up wallpapers as per your preference.
  • Flooring Renovation: You can choose to reserve the floor remodeling task for a later time after the walls are done. This is essential to ensure that the new floors do not suffer damage in the form of breaking or getting spots or stains. If you are just looking to refinish your floors, you can go ahead with the ripping of the old polish, and wait for the final finishing to redo fresh polish or finish. This will ensure your floors remain spotless.
  • Cabinet Installations: The last task in your list of remodeling jobs has to be the task of installing cabinets and fixtures. After completing the entire renovation project, you must go ahead with installing cabinetry. Alternatively, if you are taking one room at a time, you can also install cabinets as your rooms are final to promote efficiency. This process will also include installing all handles, and other accessories depending on the design of your cabinets.
  • Final Touch-Ups: Once all your renovation work is done, you can complete the final touch-ups. Clean any smudges or spots, complete the polishing work, and put in varnish coats as needed to finalize the items in your home.
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