What is the difference between remodeling and renovating?

Owning a home is a dream for many people. As time passes, trends change, and the same dream home demands repairs or a complete makeover. Perhaps it’s time for a do-over! The question is – do you need to remodel or renovate? That’s a loaded question.

Many homeowners experience the same dilemma. Isn’t that why you’re here? Do you know that renovation and home remodeling are two different concepts?

These two words are used interchangeably, but you need to know the difference before you hire a home remodeling contractor near Newburgh, ME.

Don’t get confused! Here’s an article that explains the difference between remodeling and renovation. We will also share which one is suitable for your situation. So, dive right into the article to find out the differences.

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A remodeling project is when you want to change more aspects of your home. Let’s just say you want to move the shower area to a different side of the bathroom. This will require more than just renovation. You have to hire a remodeling contractor who can make this happen. The project involves adding plumbing to the area where you need the shower cubicle or the bathtub. There is also a possibility of adding new walls and a few personal touches.

Remodeling is indeed more expensive than renovation, but there’s a solid reason for it. There will be more than surface changes, and some altering effects are also needed.

Remodeling can also be called renovation, but it happens on a larger scale. Remodeling has the power to change the entire features of the house. When a homeowner or a buyer remodels the space, it’s like they are building everything from scratch.

If you still don’t understand what this means, then let’s give you a few examples. For example, a person may tear down the wall between two rooms and create one big room. It happens everywhere, especially when one room doesn’t have ample space.

Moving on, here’s another example: you might want to replace the flooring, appliances, and cabinets, which also fall under the remodeling project.

The third example is when you convert a garage into a full-fledged bedroom. That’s another classic example. Adding a new bathroom is also a remodeling project.

When discussing renovation, it’s more like painting the room and giving it a fresh and new look. It doesn’t involve restructuring.

Now that you understand what remodeling means – you also have to know about the types of remodeling. Let’s take a look!

What are the types of remodeling?

There are different types of remodeling. So, when you connect with a contractor, you have to specify what you need.

We have listed the types below so that you gain some insight.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen is the space where the whole family comes together for a meal. It’s the space where you spend romantic times with your dear spouse. Perhaps you bake your first batch of cookies with your child. It’s also the space where your dog waits for you to make a delicious meal for them. The kitchen is the most important space in the house.

When it’s to kitchen remodeling, people do a lot of things. It could be breaking the walls and creating an open kitchen. Change of cabinets and flooring are also part of a remodeling project.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are not exactly a space where you get together, but it’s the pride and joy of the house. It’s a functional space, and perhaps you spend a lot of time inside in the wee hours of the morning. The good news is that you don’t have to make peace with the existing bathroom in the house. People change a lot of things to create the dream bathroom. Speak to a contractor about transforming the bathroom into a spa land. They can make it happen!

Home remodeling contractors will be happy to share a few examples with you.

Basement Remodeling

Basements are probably not anyone’s favorite space. Most horror movies showcase the basement as the most horrific space. Well, if you get it remodeled, you could likely transform it into an additional bedroom for guests. It could also be your work-from-home office space. Start looking at the basement as a space you can utilize.

Garage Remodeling

Garages are dirty, dusty, and cluttered. Not everyone needs them for parking their vehicle. Garages can be redesigned and transformed into a living room, a studio for jamming sessions, and much more. Use your imagination, or let the home remodeling contractors fill you with creative ideas.

Exterior Remodeling of a Home

First impressions are critical! Don’t you believe us? Well, it can certainly increase the value of your house if you are planning to sell it. When your home is in a neighborhood, you don’t want yours to look like the odd one. Transform Ugly Betty home into Cinderella. The only difference is that the remodeling magic will last past midnight—all thanks to the magic of home remodeling contractors.

Home Addition Mid Project

Roof Remodeling

Roofs are one of the best features of the home. Remodeling the roof can help enhance the overall look of the house. You could change the color and even the material of the roof. You have a chance to choose something aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Patio Remodeling

The existing patio of your house may not be as impressive. Still, a home remodeling contractor near Brewer, ME, can help you transform the space into something fun, inviting, and pleasurable. A patio must be attractive and visually appealing, so make sure you hire a good contractor for the project.

Porch Remodeling

Patios and porches should be fun and inviting. But a porch needs to be functional too. A contractor can offer their expert services to remodel the porch.

Deck Remodeling

You may confuse patio and deck, but they aren’t the same. A remodel company can build a beautiful deck for you or change the existing one.

Remodeling the Landscape

Lastly, you’ve got landscape remodeling which helps transform the overall look of the yard area. You can have a beautiful walking path, a pond with fishes, vast fountains with lights, canopies, gardens, and much more.

Connect with a home remodeling contractor near Bangor, ME, to get the services. Now that you understand the types of remodeling, it will be easier to explain what you need.

Is renovation the same as remodeling?

 Renovation is about making something new all over again. It could be installing new light fixtures or repairing something inside the house. You could add a few finishes, paint the doors in a different color, or add something new and classy to the space.

But there is no restructuring here. The original design never changes when you get the house renovated. For example, if you are getting your office renovated, it will just get a few tweaks to change the look. However, it will still be an office. You can get some repairs, upgrade it, or tweak a few things.

Renovation is all about reviving the house or repairing it. Remodeling is all about altering the structure, layout, or even the objective of the room.

We gave the example of remodeling the bathroom, but now let’s give the example of renovating it. In a renovation project, the bathroom can be painted, or you can bring new cabinets or fixtures, such as a new shower head. It’s a small-scale project that does not require changes in plumbing or wiring. The walls and pipes will remain intact in a renovation project.

We know that this may be confusing to you, but it’s clear that renovation is done for small-scale projects, whereas remodeling projects are done for large-scale projects.

If you need home remodeling near Carmel, ME, you must do extensive research to find the best contractor.

As for renovations, you need to figure out whether your home needs a few touches or a complete remodel. Always remember that when your house looks visually appealing, you get more buyers. Even if selling the house is not on your mind, you still feel satisfied living in an updated and beautiful home.

Don’t we all aspire to live in a dream home? That’s a universal aspiration!

How do I decide to rebuild or remodel?

 The biggest and most complicated question of the century is the following – How do I pick between remodeling and rebuilding?

Hold the horses! You don’t have to make a decision today. Nobody will put you a gunpoint and ask you to decide.

Remodeling is a better pick because it allows you to change something and give it a better form.

When the home design is poor, or the layout is improper, it can affect your aspirations of living in a dream house. Let’s say you have a house where you must go through one bedroom to reach another – it’s the biggest nightmare. Perhaps your family can adjust, but if you don’t want to compromise, you must get the remodeling done.

Renovating can’t help fix this. You would need to make a wall to ensure the two bedrooms are separated. You would also need to create a new entry for the other room. Don’t worry about it! You can get home remodeling near Bangor, ME – they will ensure your house transforms into a unique space.

Remodeling allows you to change the room into something better and new. If selling the property has been on your mind, then you need to get the place remodeled. If you feel there are some major layout issues and the space doesn’t make sense, you can opt for home remodeling.

Upgrades will help upgrade the value of your house or office.

In a nutshell, observe the condition of the house or the office, and then take a call. You could also check with an expert on improving the existing space.

Choosing a Contractor For a Remodeling Project

If you’ve made up your mind about remodeling the space, the next big decision is to find the best company for home remodeling near Hampden, ME.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Ask for referrals.

If you have an architect, they would know about the contractor in your area. Friends and family members can also help. Perhaps they used the services of a contractor, too, so they are in the position to recommend the best contractor.

  • Search For The Best Contractors Online

The online world is miraculous. You can find hundreds of contractors online. But don’t trust the first company that comes to your notice. You need to do extensive research about the contractor and their services and even check their official website.

  • Interview the Contractor Before Hiring Them

Home renovation is a large-scale project. Interview the Contractor and ask them relevant questions before getting them on board.

The contractors should be able to show you their portfolios. Moreover, contractors should be licensed and insured.

  • Get in touch with the past clientele

If you have shortlisted a few contractors near Bangor, ME, you must ask for the list of past clientele.

As a wise consumer, you must know whether the contractor is easy to work with and if they do a good job.

You can’t be gambling here! Hiring the right contractor in your area is a must. It will help save a lot of time, money, and patience.

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