Worried About Snow Blocking You In?

You need snow plowing services in Bangor or Winterport, ME

Don't let a little snow trap you inside. Springwood Builders LLC provides residential snow plowing services and commercial snow plowing services in the Winterport and Bangor, ME areas. We have a small fleet of GMC trucks mounted with snow plows and salt-sand spreaders. You can rely on us to remove thick snow and ice from your residential or commercial property in no time, or take care of any size road salting project in the area!

We can keep your driveway, sidewalk or parking lot snow-free. Call (207) 299-4032 now to arrange for snow plowing services.

Why schedule professional snow removal services?

Why schedule professional snow removal services?

Springwood Builders now offers snow removal services in Bangor and Winterport, ME. We can spread sand or salt around your property to make sure it's safe. Snow removal services can:

  • Make sure your home or business is accessible
  • Keep your customers, employees and family members safe
  • Prevent unnecessary downtime for your business
  • Save you time, money and stress from plowing on your own

Our team can plow lots that are up to 70,000 square feet. Contact us right away at (207) 299-4032 to get snow removal services.